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:: Affordable Non-Profit Housing FAQs ::

Question 1:
What does affordable non-profit housing actually refer to?

Housing is deemed to be ‘affordable’ when its occupancy costs are no more than 30% of the tenants gross annual income. ‘Non-profit’ refers to the organization that supplies the housing being run in such a way as to cover its operating and maintenance costs, without paying out any  profits to either its owners or directors.

Question 2:
Isn’t affordable non-profit housing provided locally by the city?

The City of Windsor is indeed the largest supplier of affordable non-profit housing services locally, but there are also thirteen other non-profit suppliers in the city including Windsor Homes Coalition Inc.

Question 3:
Who are the tenants that are assisted through non-profit housing?

The tenants of affordable non-profit housing include social assistance recipients, low income workers, single mothers with children, senior citizens, disabled people and recent immigrants to Canada.

Question 4:
Who are Windsor Homes Coalition Inc.’s tenants?

According to the WHCI 2004 Tenant Survey 108 of the 243 tenants were children under the age of sixteen.

51% of the WHCI tenant households were single mothers with children, and a further 6% were single fathers with children. Of the remaining tenant households 20% were singles (72% of which were single women), 17% were two parent households with children, 3% were childless couples, and 3% were cohabitating roommates.

28% of the household heads were employed full-time, 24% were unemployed, 9% were students, 28% were unable to work, and 8% were retirees. 90% were Canadian citizens (including 78% Canadian born) and 10% were landed immigrants.

Question 5:
Is affordable non-profit housing tenancy meant to be long term?

Affordable non-profit housing includes a wide range of different types of housing organizations with varied clientele and objectives. Some focus primarily on the specialized needs of the elderly or disables. In such situations tenancy is often long term.

Many other affordable non-profit organizations focus on the needs of low income individuals or families regardless of their age or particular status.  In such organizations, while some tenants are long term residents, the majority are not. In the latter case the need for assistance in the form of clean affordable housing services is temporary or shorter lived. On occasion people suffer various setbacks in life or otherwise experience a short term need for assistance (such as in the case of recent immigrants), after which their situation improves and they no longer need such support.  Such circumstances contribute to on-going tenant turnover for many affordable housing non-profits.

Question 6:

How long do tenants typically reside in Windsor Homes Coalition Inc. homes?


The WHCI 2012 Tenant Survey revealed that on average tenants had been housed by WHCI for 4 years.

73% of the tenants had occupied WHCI housing for periods of up to 5 years, and a further 17% reported having been WHCI tenants for 6-10 years.

Of the remaining tenants 6% had been housed by WHCI for 11-15 years, 2% for 16-20 years, and 2% for a period of longer than 20 years. Windsor Homes Coalition Inc. has been supplying non-profit housing services for 30 years.

In any given year the average tenant turnover rate for WHCI housing is in the 25%-30% range, which is not untypical for organizations of its type.



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